cities in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In 1996, Cavaliere Industries, Inc., formerly C & P Excavating Contractors, changed its name as the business further expanded and became more involved in asphalt milling as well as utility excavation, site work, and equipment rental. Cavaliere Industries also secured contracts for projects such as the I-95 video incident management camera system and Level (3) Communications excavation for the installation of fiber optic conduit. This job also included milling and paving of over 40 miles of roads.

In 1955, Frank Cavaliere started a small excavating business with a new Oliver tractor equipped with a Pippin backhoe and a front loader bucket. Shortly thereafter, he invited Tony Portanova to join the business, and together they formed C & P Excavating Contractors, Inc. A new contracting business was born. Dominick Cavaliere, Frank's younger brother, purchased a third share of the excavating business in 1957 while working part-time after school. Upon his graduation in 1959, he joined the firm full-time. In those early years, C & P Excavating Contractors specialized in digging additions, foundations, and sewer and water lines. As the business increased, more equipment was purchased, including a John Deere backhoe, a dump truck, and a pickup truck.

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In 1988, Frank Sr. and Dominick Sr. purchased Tony Portanova's share of the company. In 1989, North East Utilities Electric Co. awarded a job to C & P Excavating Contractors, which involved replacing 46 buried splice boxes with 46 new precast concrete manholes in Greenwich, CT. That same year, North East Utilities Electric Co. turned to C & P Excavating Contractors once again; this next job entailed installing a transmission line in Darien, CT, and included a 12-conduit duct bank encased in concrete with manholes. The contract also called for milling and paving for the final road restoration. At the close of 1989, C & P Excavating Contractors seized another opportunity for expansion and purchased a Wirtgen milling machine.

In 1994, C & P Excavating Contractors purchased a used half-lane milling machine after being awarded the annual contract for the Town of Greenwich to mill their roads. The work included trucking of milled material, trimming of manholes and curb boxes, sweeping, and traffic control in the work area. After a successful introduction to this larger-scale milling work, C & P Excavating Contractors purchased a new half-lane Wirtgen Milling machine. Upon Frank Sr.'s retirement from the business in 1991, Dominick Sr. purchased his brother's share and became the sole owner of C & P Excavating Contractors, with his sons, Louis and Dominick Jr. (DJ), and daughter, Maria, working alongside him. Over the next several years, C & P Excavating Contractor's milling work included the milling of I-95 in Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Bridgeport, New Haven, and Branford, CT. The business also expanded further into New England by milling local roads in major

state-of-the-art office and repair facility. The new building boasts 1,500 square feet of office space and a three-bay repair garage with an indoor wash bay. The parts and storage area is 5,000 square feet, housing spare parts and smaller tools and equipment.

For the 2006 construction season, Cavaliere Industries added more heavy equipment as their customer base and services expanded. They added an asphalt paver, two more excavators, and support equipment, including mobile crushing and screening equipment in 2008.

From 2008 through 2011, a recession struck the construction industry, and while other companies were closing their doors, Cavaliere saw an opportunity to grow. As private sector work was nearly nonexistent, we started receiving more and more calls for the need for onsite recycling of asphalt and concrete into a usable product. This work expanded our crews as far north as Maine, into Vermont during Hurricane Irene cleanup, and into NYC at Ground Zero, where a three-year project ensued. The "Never Say No" and "Yes We Can Do That" mindset kept the company working on some unique projects. The business persevered and forged through the tough times and is now growing yet again.

From 2012 to today, we have updated our recycling unit, increased our truck fleet, added a new Wirtgen half-lane miller and a wheeled Doosan excavator, and installed a portable concrete plant with a 3-cubic yard short load mixer and a mobile hot mix asphalt plant.

During the 1960s, C & P Excavating Contractors was the primary contractor for Southern New England Telephone Company, Northeast Utilities (now known as Eversource for their gas and electric divisions), and the Stamford Water Company. The partners also worked for major building contractors on projects such as Caldors on Summer Street in Stamford (now the Burlington Coat Factory), the Army Corps of Engineers Stamford (CT) Hurricane Barrier, Harbor Power Station on Manresa Island in Norwalk, and New Canaan High School. Throughout the 1960s, the company diversified by purchasing real estate in Stamford, and the partners took on distinctive roles. Dominick Cavaliere managed estimations, sales, and customer service. Tony served as field coordinator, and Frank handled all real estate for the company, including property purchases, planning, construction, and leasing and selling of these parcels developed by C & P Excavating Contractors.

By the 1970s, under the direction of the three partners, C & P Excavating Contractors had grown into a well-respected company with a history of over 25 years of excellent service. The three partners had two sons each, and during those years, the six young men worked for their fathers' business in the summers and eventually joined the firm full-time.

After Dom Sr.'s retirement in 2004, he left the business to his two sons, Louis and Dominick Jr. (DJ). Louis and DJ have developed and enhanced the family business with their expert knowledge. While Cavaliere Industries is still involved in all areas of excavation, the business is also well-respected for the partners' expertise in asphalt and paving. With the purchase of new and updated equipment, Cavaliere Industries meets the growing and diverse needs of its customers. In 2004, Cavaliere Industries moved into a new